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Releasing animals back into the wild

The Saigon Times 28 Jul 2023
Fifty-three wildlife species have been successfully released back into the wild at Vu Quang National Park ... The protection and preservation of these precious creatures are of paramount importance, as highlighted by the Lao Dong news site ( The national park has been actively involved in wildlife conservation efforts throughout the year.
photo: WN / Shilpa
A leopard cub was caught by local residents in CB Nath Argicheck area in Srinagar, India,05 January 2021.

These endangered leopards are disappearing from Cambodia

NewstalkZB 26 Jun 2023
Historically, the Indochinese leopard was found throughout Indochina – spanning Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and parts of southeastern China – but almost all the territory they once roamed has disappeared due to human encroachment ... Laos and Vietnam.”.

Meet the lunar rover that will venture to the moon’s south pole

CNN 27 May 2023
... Mekong region, but this wildlife may already be under threat of extinction due to human activity. Researchers worked across the region, which includes Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, China, Cambodia and Vietnam, from 2021 to 2022, according to a new report from the World Wildlife Fund.

Seven things to know about bats and pandemic risk

Reuters 16 May 2023
Moreover, those people are living closer together, intensifying the chances that a disease outbreak will develop into a fast-spreading global pandemic.The Reuters analysis found high spillover risk in locales including China, where COVID-19 surfaced; neighboring Laos, where ...

Thousands of badgers being farmed in South Korea could be a disease risk

The Conversation 09 May 2023
However, colleagues and I just published the first ever scientific assessment of a form of wildlife farming that, by contrast, has gone completely under the radar ... In the 21st century, wildlife market surveys in China, Vietnam, Laos and Indonesia have reported several different species of badger being sold as bushmeat.

Snares don’t discriminate: A problem for wild cats, both big and small

Mongabay 05 May 2023
“I think, generally, snaring is the greatest threat to felids in Southeast Asia, more than habitat loss … in some places like Laos and Cambodia that still have habitat, it’s the snaring that has driven them out of these areas.” Other conservationists say that human-wildlife ...

Thai authorities rescue 47 macaques smuggled using pickup truck

Malaysian National News Agency 06 Mar 2023
Department of National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation (DNP) ... Department of National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation (DNP) ... He added that the 37-year-old driver told the police that the macaques were destined to Nong Khai province, in neighboring Laos. The two drivers will be charged for smuggling wildlife, he said.

Thailand’s missing monkeys: why did hundreds of rhesus macaques vanish from a temple?

The Observer 26 Feb 2023
Edwin Wiek, founder of Wildlife Friends Foundation of Thailand (WFFT), said the monkeys could have been snatched and transported over the border. “There are some farms in Laos where we have seen this particular species ending up,” he said ... “The price of long-tailed macaques on the illegal wildlife market was really low – $20 or $30 per piece.

Fauci-backed virologist who tried to bully away lab leak theory backs woke scientist who moans ...

The Daily Mail 16 Feb 2023
It warns that that part of the world has a 'high diversity of wildlife coronaviruses' and a large proportion of the population is regularly exposed to wildlife that could be infected. Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam are particularly high risk, according to the project details published by the US National Institutes of Health.

Reversing the loss of nature

China Daily 19 Dec 2022
"Prices for illegal wildlife parts plummeted, and stocks started to accumulate in transit countries such as Laos and Vietnam, due to the much greater risk of getting caught when taking them into China." ... The villagers then take the visitors into the valley to try and spot wildlife.

Nepal’s missing rare vulture found in Bihar

The Telegraph India 20 Nov 2022
Its disappearance had been a matter of concern for Nepal’s wildlife officials till it was caught by the Bhagalpur bird ringing station personnel while the bird was sitting in a field at Benipur in Darbhanga in a weak and hungry condition on November 13, officials said.

Xinhua Asia-Pacific news summary at 1600 GMT, Nov. 18 18 Nov 2022
VIENTIANE -- Lao, Thai and Myanmar officials have met to discuss joint efforts to crack down on transnational crime, especially drug trafficking in the Golden Triangle border area, a media report said Friday ... in northern Laos' Luang Prabang province. (Laos-Thailand-Myanmar-Drugs).

Deadly cobra missing from Missouri ‘Venomfest’ reptile show presumed stolen

Beatrice Daily Sun 04 Nov 2022
The Popa langur, a monkey with ghostly white circles around its eyes, is among 224 new species listed in the World Wildlife Fund's latest update on the Mekong region ... 26, 2022, highlights the need to protect the rich biodiversity and habitats in the region, which includes Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Myanmar.

WWF launches campaign against high level of wildlife meat consumption in Việt Nam

Vietnam News 22 Oct 2022
Văn Ngọc Thịnh, Director of WWF Việt Nam, said that Việt Nam, Laos and Cambodia are showing high levels of wildlife consumption, especially mammals and birds that are easily found in markets and restaurants.

Who IS Peter Daszak? The frog-focused zoologist 'northerner' and friend of Dr Anthony Fauci who ...

The Daily Mail 04 Oct 2022
EcoHealth Alliance's five-year experiment will investigate 'the potential for future bat coronavirus emergence' in Asia, with scientists set to trawl caves in Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam in the hunt to prevent another viral crisis ... Dr Daszak, who lives in New York with his wife Janet, joined EcoHealth — formerly The Wildlife Trust — in 2001.